OrganoTex ShoeCare Waterproofer (300 ml) EN

Universal waterproofing that gives your shoes and boots effective protection against rain and dirt. Suitable for all types of textiles, nubuck, suede and leather. Effectively repels water, maintains the breathability of the material, and extends its life.

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Detaljert informasjon
OrganoTex unique technology imitates nature’s own chemistry - just the way that a leaf is water repellent. The natural fatty acids of the formulation connect at a deep level (non-film-forming) and create a water repellent structure. This unique technology means that the textile’s structure, color, and vapor permeability are very well maintained. The product is readily biodegradable, kind to nature and can be applied indoors.

Contains: Water, silicon organic polymers, beeswax and natural fatty acids.

- 100% readily biodegradable formulation
- Free from PFAS, Palm Oil and Paraffin

1) Clean the shoe
2) Shake the bottle
3) Cover the substrate and spray evenly over the surface
4) Wipe off any excess liquid, which can cause stains
5) Allow to dry for 24 hours for full effect.

Packaging: Recycled brown pet bottle with spray nozzle
Sorting: Sort as plastic
Volume: 300 ml
Artikkel nr:990001

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